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Vremennik Pushkinskoi komissii

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Vremennik Pushkinskoi komissii. SPb., 2013. Issue 31 [рус] [eng]


Editorial Board

Aleksei Iurievich Balakin, Editor-in-Chief, Candidate of Philology, Scientific Secretary of the Pushkin Commission

Alina Sergeevna Bodrova, Candidate of Philology

Maria Naumovna Virolainen, professor, Doctor of Philology, Deputy Chairman of the Pushkin Commission

Aleksandr Anatolievich Karpov, Professor, Doctor of Philology

Vladimir Markovich Markovich, Professor, Doctor of Philology

Olga Sergeevna Muravieva, Candidate of Philology, Deputy Chairman of the Pushkin Commission

Nikita Glebovich Okhotin, Member of the Pushkin Commission

Sergei Aleksandrovich Fomichev, Professor, Doctor of Philology

Nikolai Nikolaevich Skatov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Pushkin Commission


Contact Us

Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom), Russian Academy of Sciences

4 Makarova emb.

St. Petersburg, Russia 199034

E-mail: balakin@inbox.ru

Phone: (812) 328-19-01

Fax: (812) 328-11-40


About the Edition

«Vremennik Pushkinskoi komissii» is a non-periodical specialized edition devoted to Pushkin studies. Preference is given to articles and notes on historico-literary problems related to Pushkin’s works and biography. Each issue contains a current bibliography of Pushkin studies and materials of the work on the new complete academic collection of Pushkin’s works and correspondence.

Instructions for Authors

1. All manuscripts should be submitted via e-mail to balakin@inbox.ru (Aleksei Iurievich Balakin)


2. The papers should be prepared using Microsoft Word 1997-2003 (*doc or *rtf extension), Times New Roman style, 14 pt, sesquialteral line spacing; the top and bottom margins are set to 2 cm, the left margin is 3 cm, the right margin is 1,5 cm.


3. Please use automatically generated footnotes with continuous numbering, Times New Roman style, 12 pt.


4. Bibliographical references should be provided in the footnotes. Unless otherwise noted, all quotations from Pushkin’s works are cited in the text of the paper in brackets by volume (marked with a Roman number) and page number in his «Polnoe sobranie sochinenii» (M.; L.: Izdatelstvo Akademii nauk, 1937—1949. Т. 1—16; 1959. <Т. 17:> Spravochnyi tom). References to Pushkin’s manuscripts kept in the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom) are given in abbreviated form as following: ПД (i. e. The Manuscript Division of Pushkinskij Dom, f. 244, inv. 1), then a file number and, if necessary, the numbers of sheets or pages of the manuscript.


a. When referring to the publication for the first time, give full bibliographic details in the footnote. If you reference the same source more than once, abbreviate the second and subsequent references.


b. When referring to archival sources, please give the name of an archival repository in abbreviated form. References should be provided according to the following scheme: The abbreviated name of a repository — the abbreviated indication of the collection in which the item is found — the abbreviated indication of the referred manuscript sheets (for example: РО ИРЛИ, ф. 95, оп. 2, № 7, л. 5—5об.).


5. Images should be presented in *tiff or *jpg formats at a resolution not less than 600 dpi and supplied with complete and accurate captions listed at the end of the paper.


6. All the abbreviations used to represent the names of organizations and editions must also be applied at the end of the paper for further inclusion into a List of Abbreviations.


7. The paper should contain the abstract and keywords in Russian and English preceding the main text. The abstract should provide the understanding of the main aspects of the paper.



All manuscripts submitted for publication are subjected to review by experts on the subject of a peer-reviewed paper (who have had according publications over the past three years). A final decision to accept or reject the manuscript will be sent to the author along with any recommendations made by the referees.

Publishing Terms and Conditions

All the papers that were peer-reviewed and accepted by the editorial board are published in the edition. We do not pay any honorarium and do not charge any publication fee.